LMAC Modules


The LMAC2 module is the smaller sibling of the LMAC4. With its smaller dimensions, it is perfect for use where size matters and a lower lumen output is required.
Because of the fact that the LMAC2 only has two LEDs per module, it can be run in lengths of up to an amazing 75m, or 600 modules.
Excellent for use internally or externally with the IP67 rating and no need for a driver or transformer. Just hardwire one end of the run, ensure the other is adequately capped off, stick down using the 3M self-adhesive tape attached to each module and job done The LMAC2 module is available in warm white & cold white, red green & blue separately and comes with a three year guarantee. And with no returns we are 100% happy that you’ll be 100% happy with the LMAC2.


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The LMAC series of products are the LED modules that we have all been waiting for. They incorporate the new generation of LED technology that allows plug and play convenience with energy saving efficiency. LMAC4 is a 220-240v product that can be run in lengths of up to 50m unlike many 12 or 24v modules which can typically have run lengths of 6m only. Being a 220-240v product, this also means that no driver or transformer is required so essentially reducing the installation time and cost along with the associated cost of the driver. The LMAC4 modules are also waterproof with a certified IP rating of 67 enabling interior and exterior installation. Available in the usual warm & cold whites, red, green & blue separately. However, if a specific colour is required, please ask us about it because we can offer a colour match service for specific quantities.


Download LMAC4 Specs
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